In case you have questions or want to make a remark feel free to contact me:
For Business inquires or collaborations please contact :
Katharina Kirschner
Otto-Stoelcker-Straße 27
77955 Ettenheim
Brands I worked with
Zalando Advize, Hennessy Group Belvedere Vodka, KBL Eyewear, Radisson Blu Frankfurt, Q-Hotel Berlin, Poilei, Donna Piu, European Culture, Peperosa, Bomboogie, Benedetta Bruzziches, Nestele- Schöller, Superdry, Longtallsally Clothing, Madleine Issing, Gilardy Jewels, L’oreal, Salon Pauli München, Naracamicie, Woodwatches, Aeronautica Militare, Saint Tropez, Cuore, Triangl, Heart Munich, Headhunter Fashion, Freaky Heads, Earebel, Quantum Courage, Warner Bros, East Eyewear, Four Flavor, Miranda Konstantinidou, Conleys, Super jeans of Sweden, Swipy, Braun, Campomaggi, Hybrid Fashion, BMW C-Evolution, Zico, Lola & Grace, Care Label, Praio, Gabs, Givenchy Le make-up, Papucei, Buffalo, Constantin Film, The Grand Berlin

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