One Week without WIFI



The alarm clock rings, of course, the alarm clock from your smartphone. With some chill out music you will be woken up soulfully. Not like the old clock, which doesn’t stop rining until you’ve almost destroyed it. Although you had a litte heart attack  and your hair looks like you had a bad fight, but you were awake. Wide awake, to be more specific. Nowadays, the first thing you do is to have your smartphone in your hand and the first thing you do on that day, you checked out EVERYTHING. How is the weather going to be today? Which appointments do I have? Oh …. I need also to check my e-mails in my mail box. And when I’m in so I can also quickly look through Facebook, Instagram and Co.

You do everything very quickly ( in your opinion), but you’re late. How does that happened, I ask myself again and again, but I know the answer of course . It’s not like I didn’t know where the time went. Yes exactly … all my time is in my smartphone and my social networks. Actually  I just wanted to issue the alarm. I need to say, I’m addicted to my Smartphone. Not only professionally because of my work -NO-privately it’s the same disaster. Nevertheless my rule is clear:. If I have an appointment, I’m eating ( Brunch / Lunch or Dinner) or an important conversation under 4 eyes, the smart phone is OFF. It’s a kind of respect to the person I’m with.

But still, I’m worried about my smartphone consume. Because this is far above the norm. Since I’m 16, I have a cell phone (my parents simply not allowed it to have one). And I can also say with pride that I bought my first cell phone by myself . I worked very hard for that money. I had also sometimes 3 Jobs, and I was also in School and was on stage at Weekends. After some time smartphones and  Free Wifi rules the world. Today we’re so frustrated, when the connection is not working. I know this so good, because it happens so often to me.

Last week I was on vacation and on the website there I see they have Wifi. Of course, that is always a criterion to make somewhere holidays. So I can show you everything , also show you where I am and what I am doing there . Once in Italy, already the first shock. The WIFI is